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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wing Chun is Close Distance Fighting

Wing Chun is close-distance fighting or "phone booth" fighting. I don't believe this, although it seems that i may be in the minority on that. Sure we may not have long swinging punches or high roundhouse kicks, but does that define whether a fighting style is close-distance or far?

What is more important is commitment - commitment to your attack, faith in your structure, faith in your skills, and faith in your punching power. You have one shot and that's it.

Perhaps, from a distance, because we commit so much into our attacks, that we appear to favour close-range fighting. But if we can extend this commitment to other attacks, perhaps longer range or almost "reaching" attacks - as long as they're committed, they will work.

I believe that the reason why the wing chun fighter suffers defeat is because of the fear to commit. We get too comfortable in a "sticky hands" range and not into the attacker. We also get too comfortable 'touching" our opponent but not really going in to hit the opponent.

It requires us to "let go" and just go for it. Who cares if we get hit? We are bound to get hit if we don't.

Go big or go home. There's a point where you just gotta trust what you got..whatever you got...and go it..commit to the hit.

Until then.

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