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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Obasi Saga Spin Off

If you haven’t read my previous posts regarding the Obasi, Williams and Boztepe Sage, please do so now before going any further.

You can find the article here.

Quick recap

Sean Obasi (wing chun man aspiring to conquer the MMA circuit) does a challenge chi-sao match with various wing chun experts with surprising results:

Obasi vs. Williams – winner: Obasi

Obasi vs. Ng (Obasi’s teacher) – winner: Obasi

Obasi vs. Boztepe – winner: Boztepe

And now, the plot takes an interesting twist…

Williams vs. Ng – winner: You'll have to check out the video

Randy Williams obviously has something to prove here and you can see this in his energy. The hits are harder than what we’re used to seeing in chi-sao clips. Albeit, the wing chun here is absolutely horrendous. I’m allowed to say this because these guys are supposedly masters in their art and this is anything but masterful. 

Side note: although I guess it shouldn’t matter – there’s just something wrong about seeing Philip Ng, old Chinese man, get hit by the younger, more athletic Williams.

If this is what master wing chun looks like, what is wing chun for the rest of us supposed to look like?
This is absolutely embarrassing to wing chun practitioners and again I’m not surprised when other arts simply laugh at wing chun. If anyone from Randy Williams or Ng’s camp is reading this, please let me know your thoughts!

If I can make a special request – I would love to see a Pacquiao vs. Williams clip next though. Ha, just kidding..or am I?

Kernspecht and Williams, now that’d be interesting too.

Until then.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Empty Your Cup or..?

Some of you may have come across this video already of an instructor trying to give a lesson to an uncooperative student.

What do you see?

Do you see an incompetent teacher, unable to apply his skills to a "student"?


Do you see a douchbag of a student with something to prove?

I see the latter option. The student is, in my opinion, probably from some other school and hoping to catch exactly this on camera. Really stupid and doesn't prove anything in my opinion. if you want to prove that person A sucks or his style sucks, then fight him.

Participating in the drill, uncooperatively, is a waste of time for everyone.

you can find the video here - curious to read your comments and emails!

Until then.

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