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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Empty Your Cup or..?

Some of you may have come across this video already of an instructor trying to give a lesson to an uncooperative student.

What do you see?

Do you see an incompetent teacher, unable to apply his skills to a "student"?


Do you see a douchbag of a student with something to prove?

I see the latter option. The student is, in my opinion, probably from some other school and hoping to catch exactly this on camera. Really stupid and doesn't prove anything in my opinion. if you want to prove that person A sucks or his style sucks, then fight him.

Participating in the drill, uncooperatively, is a waste of time for everyone.

you can find the video here - curious to read your comments and emails!

Until then.


Pablo said...

From what I heard, it's actually a staged vid. Also, the person *resisting* was apparently in reality higher ranked than the other one.
Besides that, assuming it "was" real: for a demonstration drill, this would be a bad attitude to show as a student, yes. That still doesn't excuse the teacher's reaction though. Too many teachers in Wing Tsun bully their students and use violence to prove a point. I don't mind students getting hit, but only if
a) it's to teach them to take hits and keep their concentration or
b)they're allowed to hit their teachers in the same manner.
There's too many teachers who go berserk on their students without being able to cope, on a personal level, with students really trying to and hitting them too.

Anonymous said...

Kit Dale - people like this will always exist - jokers, tricksters, hit-and-runners. they exist to make the rest of us stronger, sharper, to keep us on our toes, to not lose patience with fools, because that's the same neurological/emotional response as losing your shit in a fight. and in life we strive for personal perfection, not to judge other peoples shortcomings. so if you meet Kit, have fun, learn from him, even if you do think he's an a**hole, cause he probably doesn't care what you think anyway

Anonymous said...

Here is a comment from the video, I cant say it better. There is more to this situation then to say it's one guys fault entirely.

"Obviously the instructor's fault. He didnt threat the white guy with respect. From the beginning on, he commanded him to come, called him Mike, where he got corrected with Kip, but he responded with whatever. And the white guy wanted to shake his hand, but totally got ignored by this and the instructor grab his collar aggressively without any introduction or telling, what is gonna happen. So actually he was confronting his ego, it's no wonder that the teacher got a hardtime there.
It's shameful to watch and a disgrace for all real martial arts fighters."

But there is nothing to prove in a demonstration as it's a method of learning. Demo's cannot be applied in real time or power as someone can get hurt and no one can see the actual technique that is being applied. The guy in the white should have just refused to participate in the demo however I see him wanting to disrespect the teacher back due to how he was treated first.

If the teacher didn't behave the way he did and was being actually nice, then the teacher should have just said Ok I need to demo this on a participating student(asked the student to leave as well) so I can show how to apply this in a controlled environment.

Just my two cents

Gary said...

'it takes two'

this can be looked at from a number of points of view. but primarily if you partake in a 'demo', you somewhat tactily agree to certain standards. from this point of view the 'attacker;' is being a dink. demonstrater should have various ways of dealing with this kind of 'co operation' as I use the term, loosely. Humour, explanation are one end of the spectrum, an elbow across the face to loosen the grip is the other end of it. But, as the person in control ( I assume it was his seminar, or at least at this moment, his time to run it) has a responsiblty to make things work for all.

A 'teaching moment' opportunity was missed.

Problem was lack of respect by both. This can easily escalate, and then its not the other guys fault , but rather 'our' problem.

Personal and public borders have to be known, acknowleded, and shared. From a self defense point of view, I could see either person getting stabbed or shot or whatever, on the street at some point. And never acknowledging, that part of the problem involves themselves.

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