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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MMA In Vancouver

Vancouver, for some reason, does not like mixed martial arts. I don't know what it is, but they don't. The MMA expo was initially approved to be held in Abbotsford, but was recently cancelled as they felt that it would draw too many gang members.

So they moved it to Vancouver. Where, it has now been cancelled due to insurance coverage issues. Apparently, they don't want any man-to-man touching. In terms of the organizers, this meant no demonstrations, no opportunity to let attendees learn some cool grappling moves. For some reason, the city of Vancouver, painted a picture of some kind of bar fight.

Which now brings us to the issue of whether the UFC will be held here. Latest rumours are that it's cancelled, but a quick search on the new says it's still on. Who the hell knows?

This is ridiculous. There's no doubt some kind of agenda fueled by a misunderstaning of the sport and a prejudice to it, is what's really at work here.

Look at all the efforts going into to pass the HST regardless of all the opposition to it and yet, apparently, insurance is the reason that kills the MMA expo - c'mon!!

That said, it doesn't really help when the organizers on the talk radio discuss how the moves are safe and that any kid learns this, but describes the move as "triangle choke hold"...i'm sure those in the MMA circles knows it can be practiced safe, but to some Vancouver council member who's experience of martial arts probably consists of Kung Fu starring David Carradine, the term "triangle choke hold" is gonna kill someone.

Let's see how it all plays out.

Until then.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

WT Home Gym System and Week 9: 1000 Chain Punch Challenge

Before I get into this week's drill - I've been getting questions lately regarding the resistance bands I've been using in my "train with me" campaign on my other blog, Mighty Fit Grasshopper. Well, I've also been playing around with it for WT training and it's been a lot of fun. I am in the works of developing an amazing training program using those bands! So stay tuned!

In the mean time, you can find the bands here. I've been using them for stance training, chain punch drills, even working on coordination between knees and elbows during step and punch (i can attach bands to all four limbs at the same time!).

Ok, now on with this week!

This week is going to be a little different.

Warm up by performing the following:

Squat with bodyweight - 10 reps
Followed immediately with 50 chain punches - full blast

Perform this 5 times total.

Now into the push up position - making sure that it's your fists (vertical, of course) that are making contact with the ground (you can wear fist protectors if you're not used to the contact). Staying in this position, lift the right arm and touch your right hip. Place the fist back to the ground, and now lift your left arm and touch your left hip. Alternate to do a total of 20 reps.

As you alternate arms, be sure to maintain good posture and focus on keeping the core tight.

Have fun!

Until then.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Am a Wing Chun Man!!!!!!!!

Here is a clip of a MMA competition try out. A wing chun guy was not allowed to compete and here's the video. What do you think?

1) it's really too bad how this guy is reacting. Reminds me completely of those American Idol rejects.

2) it's pretty apparent that MMA has shifted away from fighting any style to fighting only in "MMA-style"

What are your thoughts?

you can find the video here.

Until then.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 8: 1000 Chain Punch Challenge

WEEK 8!!!!!!!


ok...the drill is simple.

Set the timer for 15 minutes. Start it up and throw punches till it gets to you zero. Do not stop, but if you need to, slow down, but keep going!

Until then.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

P Company One Minute Aggression

Just came across this video as I was visiting the wing chun forums. The guy who posted asked us wing chunners "can you make what you do work in this?"

and this video was posted.

And as much as I question my own skills, progress and abilities...i'd have to say this video is not impressive at all, not intimidating, and is rather stupid.

and the answer to the question, is yes. I can make it work. The hits have nothing in them, it's just long range flailing of the arms in a punch-like motion...there's nothing there.

Those that have trained WT as I've learned it, would know the type of pressure we're normally under, the type of power behind the punch, and what's needed. This video is probably one of many "free fighting" videos that are crap...and is probably the equivalent of some crappy chi-sao video on YouTube.

Although I'm familiar with the original poster, I have to wonder what his skills are like for having even asked this question.

Until then.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Para-Olympic Games 2010

Well this past Friday marked the opening of the Para-Olympic Winter Games for 2010. It was an amazing ceremony. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it, but they have my 100% support no doubt.

Speaking to many, it's a common feeling that should anyone lose a limb, their world is over. It really is amazing that these athletes can compete at such a level with their "handicap." to them, they don't see any handicap..they are themselves, doing whatever it is they enjoy!

Now, in the context of wing chun, I know there's a few clips of a WT expert demonstrating the ability of utilizing their skills in a wheel chair. I find this very interesting and have to ask, how stable is the wheel chair in the context of absorbing forces or rooting? Can the person adjust the various vectors, the shifting, the turning, etc and translate it into a wheel chair context.

This pass week, in Australia, a Canadian was a victim of a beating by two teenage thugs. The victim was also in a wheel chair, and I wonder what the scenario would play like should he have had some self-defense training.

I would imagine the assailants knocked him off the chair, and in that state, how would WT be applied by someone without legs?

Very interesting..

Until then.

Week 7: 1000 Chain Punch Challenge

Daylight savings has really screwed me up and it's only an hour! ha! On that bombshell, here's week 7: chain punch challenge drill!

Step and double punch (one punch high, one punch low - one aiming at throat, other aiming at lower center of the lower abs). When you complete the step and double punch, repeat the double punch (alternating hands between high punch and low punch) 50 times.

Repeat the drill for a total of 10 times.

the next section part of the exercise:

Simply place your hands behind you, relaxed, in the SNT stance. Step forward as fast as you can and then return to the SNT stance. Step forward with the other foot and then return.

Do this drill for a total of 50 steps each side.

Until then

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Painful Lessons

Last Monday night, I had the pleasure of working with my Si-Fu one-on-one for a good 35-45 minutes (I really don't know how long it lasted, to tell you the truth). It was a mix of lat-sao, chi-sao, stress, physical endurance, punch training, and resistance training..all in one. You tell me of any other training that does all that at once? It is probably the most efficient hybrid form of training in the world!

This type of training is, in my opinion, a rarity. Generally, when it comes to training regardless of lineage, many of the chi-sao sections or drills are done in a manner where it's done slow, done fast, soft, or fast, detailed, or focussed on memorization of the movements.

But Monday night highlights a specific way of training wing chun that beats any workout that any weight, machine or combination of the two that exists on the planet.

Essentially, my Si-Fu provides pressure, resistance and opposing force in such a way that makes it feel like my arms, legs and entire structure are working against giant springs, where each spring is independent of the other (think of that bowling ball mattress!). Imagine performing a tan sao, a punch, a fook sao against a constant spring-like force, that's constant throughout each move and during the transition of the movements.

It's common practice to provide a force at the beginning of the move, and at the end of the move. but in between there's nothing. Just imagine the arm position in between the tan sao and bong sao. Usually the partner generally lets you complete the movement. But in this spring-like resistance training, if that "in between" movement isn't performed with proper forward pressure and muscular endurance, that "in between" movement is essentially dead and is an opportunity to get hit.

The more I write, the more difficult I realize it is to describe with words.

Anyway, it was a fun night. About 40 minutes after, it was painful. My arms were all bruised, my chest was bruised. Blood vessels popped and I'm getting funny looks from co-workers all day. Of course, this type of "physical abuse" isn't for everyone and is generally not performed on a regular basis (in case the picture ispotentially scaring new students to wing chun).

Until then.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is Your Wing Chun Martial Art Complete?

Wing chun is characterized by straight-line attacks, simultaneous attacks and low kicks. There aren't that many different moves in the system beyond, stepping, chain punching, tan sao, bong sao, kao sao and fuk sao (for the most part), front kick and side kick.

That's it!

I've been able to summarize all the weapons of the wing chun system in one sentence. Very unlike the karate I've been exposed to or other kung fu styles I've had the pleasure of training in.

Sure, this may be a testament to the efficiency and simplicity of wing chun, but is it a complete martial art? are there things missing?

Obviously, people wonder about it's "ground game" or the lack of "long range" attacks. These are just the obvious things. What about the need of a round house kick, back fist, etc etc - the list goes on.

So what are your thoughts? do you think wing chun is complete? do you think YOUR style of wing chun is complete? maybe yes, maybe not and that's why you're practicing other martial arts?

My thoughts? Yes, the wing chun that I know is complete. Yes, I also realize that, although there are some solutions, there is also a lack of ground game. That said, a car can be complete but can be made for sport or it can made for off road - both products are complete.

Your turn!

Until then.

Week 6: 1000 Chain Punch Challenge

So are your arms about to fall of yet??

this week - we change it up again1

The drill:

1) Step and punch aiming high, throwing 50 punches. Rest to catch your breath.

2) Step and punch aiming low, throwing 50 punches. Rest to catch your breath.

3) Step and punch aiming at your centre, throwing 50 punches. Rest to catch your breath.

Cycle through the three drills for a total of 6 times.

Have fun!

Until then.

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