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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MMA In Vancouver

Vancouver, for some reason, does not like mixed martial arts. I don't know what it is, but they don't. The MMA expo was initially approved to be held in Abbotsford, but was recently cancelled as they felt that it would draw too many gang members.

So they moved it to Vancouver. Where, it has now been cancelled due to insurance coverage issues. Apparently, they don't want any man-to-man touching. In terms of the organizers, this meant no demonstrations, no opportunity to let attendees learn some cool grappling moves. For some reason, the city of Vancouver, painted a picture of some kind of bar fight.

Which now brings us to the issue of whether the UFC will be held here. Latest rumours are that it's cancelled, but a quick search on the new says it's still on. Who the hell knows?

This is ridiculous. There's no doubt some kind of agenda fueled by a misunderstaning of the sport and a prejudice to it, is what's really at work here.

Look at all the efforts going into to pass the HST regardless of all the opposition to it and yet, apparently, insurance is the reason that kills the MMA expo - c'mon!!

That said, it doesn't really help when the organizers on the talk radio discuss how the moves are safe and that any kid learns this, but describes the move as "triangle choke hold"...i'm sure those in the MMA circles knows it can be practiced safe, but to some Vancouver council member who's experience of martial arts probably consists of Kung Fu starring David Carradine, the term "triangle choke hold" is gonna kill someone.

Let's see how it all plays out.

Until then.

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