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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Martial Arts Rant on Craigslist Posting

My comments to follow next posting. In the mean time, enjoy. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to Gary K for sending this to me.

Until then.


My qualifications for writing all this are: 8 year wrestler, former corporal in the marines, football (fullback) my whole life, martial arts for 3 years, 6 years of studying exercise science, and currently a personal trainer on a military base. I also take kickboxing classes 4 days a week, but i dont spar. Back in the day when i was a fighter, people faught for what it was and they showed respect, nowadays people fight in anger, for brutality and violent entertainment, fight for pride, fame, money. I know how fighters think, because I used to be one. Years ago if someone told me all this, I too woulda laughed and called them ignorant and stupid (which doesnt show much "respect" lol), but then I came to reality and realized I was only fighting for fame, pride, anger, to beat someone's ass. And I think its time most fighters realize that.

These sports are nothing but pure violence, and instructors try to brainwash you into thinking otherwise. Instructors try to say its about scoring points and about "finding out your strengths and weaknesses which leads to self-discovery", when its really not (ya cuz u need to beat up someone to discover yourself, lol). But you need to ask yourself, "whats the point of me kicking him in the head?" etc. I signed up to serve my country, to defend against people attacking my country. But what on earth did the guy/girl standing in front of u in the ring/cage/mat, do to you, to cause you to beat them up? Would u beat up a random person on the streets? Of course not, they did nothing to you! So why do it to them?

The other night, there was UFC 100, where Lesnar beat Mir. Lesnar flicked off the crowd and practically bullied Mir after...and I for one thank him for it, because he showed over one million viewers just what the sport is all about. Many people say "oh look, over one million watched it! thats alot!".....no its not. One million people IN THE WORLD (not states)...compared to 50 million who watch the super bowl (and super bowl is american, mma is done all over the world). One million is nothing. Boxing has been around since the early 1900s (probably earlier), and still only has a million viewers.

First of all, let me explain to you the science behind "fighting": Knockouts, occur when there is "trauma" to the brain stem, usually by a sharp rotation of the head. So thats why you see many fighters aiming for the chin, it causes a quick rotation which leads to a trauma of the stem, if a person drops, it hits the nose, if they flinch back it hits the neck, if they move sideways it hits the jawline. Jaw and cheek: There is a nerve in that area of your face that runs directly up to your brain and when your face is struck hard it causes the brain to shut down. A hit to the facial area will cause lack of balance, focus, and disorientation. Now, this sport claims to teach focus and balance, by doing things to make you LOSE focus and balance??? Lol, makes no sense. Fighters will also watch their opponent when they are breathing IN, and hit them in the gut area as theyre breathing in, causes them to lose breathe and be knocked out. Some fighters will repeatedly hit their opponent in the head, because it causes a concussion. Often you see a fighter kicking an opponent on the side of the head, because it causes a quick rotation which traumatizes the brain stem. Many times they go after the temple, because its softer, and easier way to apply trauma. Sometimes you see a knee to the ribcage area, it practically pierces the lungs, causing a direct trauma and losing breathe. Choking, a fighter will choke you because it cuts off the trachea, and cuts off blood flow to the brain, thus making you become unconscious. Arm breaks, leg breaks, etc: In submitting, grappling, etc...theyll grab your arm or leg/foot and keep pulling. If the fighter doesnt tap out, youre supposed to simply break the arm by pulling it as much as you can, tearing the ligaments. All of this, sounds SO SAFE doesnt it???

All of this, can lead to paralysis or death. If there was no referee to stop the chin pounding and all that, the person WOULD die. Regardless of whether or not there is a ref, its still inhumane and flat out disgusting. Some instructors try to tell their students that beating someone within an inch of their life and then STOP, so they dont die, is respectful...because youre respectful enough not to kill them. ..............Seriously, were these people born yesterday? Mostly, fighters make hits to the head (the control center of the body), the area most likely to cause trauma, death, paralysis, etc. In most sports, head hits are banned (football, hockey, etc)...thats why they wear pads. Yet these sports, they go for the head. Oh oh oh, almost forgot: Instructors will defend all this by saying "well thats why we use gloves"....lol no, the truth is...gloves are worse, because it allows you to hit HARDER. Gloves arent that soft, it still hurts like hell. Some instructors will defend all this brain stem trauma by saying they dont allow hits on the back of the head for safety reasons, lol...thats a lie. They dont allow hits to the back of the head because its too easy. Fans want to see a long fight, not a 10 second pounding. If you're allowed to hit in the back of the head, the fight will be over in a minute. Think about it...if they didnt allow you to hit to the back of the head because of safety reasons, they wouldnt allow you to hit someone in a way where it traumatizes the brain stem, or cuts off blood flow (choke). Didnt think about that, did you?

If anyone tells you nobody's ever died in these sports, theyre lying. Look it up online, people HAVE died and ruined their lives from it. Unfortunately people these days believe everything they hear. Remember the first time you got drunk? You didnt do it alone, you were with friends, they gave u a drink and kept pushing u to drink more, but u said nooooo. Then they 'peer pressured' you into it, and now you LOVE it. Same with fighting....anyone with a brain who watches it is gonna say "umm, whats the point of his brutality?"....but after awhile of your "friends" pushing you into it, you're gonna fall in love. People will do anything as long as their with friends and having fun. Basically, people need to start thinking for themselves, stop being fake, use common sense, stop listening to friends who u wont see in 20 years anyway. I cant count how many people I know with PhDs and Masters degrees who are doing shit jobs now because of the decisions they made when they were young, im sure they LOVE those 'friends' of theirs now! I mean, dont you have anything better to do with your life than beat someone up???

Soon, New York will vote on whether or not to legalize mma in their state. Obviously many fans are writing and saying how safe it is, but many reps and state senators are calling it brutal, mindless...but regardless, it may just become legalized (and in my opinion, it will be). Here's why: Money. I have several buddies working on capitol hill who speak with people about all sorts of issues, and i myself know a governor and a few representatives. The ONLY reason these sports are legalized is simply: Money. It brings the state a lot of money (and people), and a state like New York who is currently losing lots of money, will get lots of money from it. But rest assured, most congressmen, senators, state senators, assemblymen, delegates, etc, ARE opposed to the sports. Yes, people get hurt in all sports, but only in combat sports, do people get hurt PURPOSELY. There was a poll that went around in new york, and 67% of residents said they didnt want these sports legalized, and over half the legislature said the same, BUT...they said it would bring money to the state. That'll be a huge shame, putting money over brutality. But im not worried....because there are so many whiny parents out there who wont let their kids watch porn or Rated R movies, and the moment they see this stuff mainstreamed on channel 4, theyll complain. And who knows, it may get banned all over. But do know people, the ONLY reason its legalized in many states, is because of the money it brings in. Out of the 37 states its legalized in, 31 of the governors, think the sport is brutal, barbaric, and violent. The government tries to make laws against abuse, violence, bullying....why on EARTH would they allow this stuff then?? Money. The only reason it seems like many people enjoy these sports, is because you never hear from the people who are opposed to it. I guarantee if people went to the polls in every state and voted on election day to ban or not ban it, itd get banned in at least 40 states. I guarantee ufc and all those sports have deals with television stations to promote their stuff. So many commercials and shows lately have been showing boxing gloves, or a fighter, etc....and as we all know, this nation IS controlled by the media.

Is that not enough? Try this, i read in an article: In July, the chairman of the new york state athletic commission was removed as chairman (he was very much opposed to mma). Two days later, the governor (fight fan) announced that a person whom is a vocal proponent of MMA would chair the commission. Hmm.......are you thinking what im thinking? I withheld names for privacy purposes. Not to mention even the dean of sportswriters, and the heads of boxing organizations are opposed to MMA. A few representatives who voted against MMA, received threats....wow, that doesnt show much "respect" or "discipline" does it? Some fight fans will say the violence rate dropped when MMA was legalized, but let me explain why. Because beforehand, people were fighting on the streets where cops could arrest them. Now, those people are fighting inside (and for sport), so cops cant arrest them, lol. So actually, the violence rate is on the rise...you just dont see it!

Have you ever looked up in a dictionary what "martial arts" means? It means "art of war". Hmmm, art of war? Why is "art of war" being taught to people who arent in war, or to 5 year olds? These people think they are warriors...well thats funny, because warriors go to war, so why arent you people in Iraq? And warriors are supposed to kill and fight, not display respect, discipline, self-control and all those other words that fighters use (and cant define lol). Didnt think about that, did ya?

Over and over again, people in these sports talk about how safe it is, how its MUCH safer than gymnastics, soccer, hockey, etc. Compare the amount of blood spilt in martial arts, to soccer. Compare the amount of people passed out in MMA, to gymnastics. NOW which is worse? What fight fans dont realize is, the long term effects of this stuff.

If soccer, football, hockey, etc has more injuries, perhaps its because soccer/football/hockey players compete on a WEEKLY basis for HOURS. Whereas in MMA and all those violent sports, they compete every month or every few months for 5-15 minutes.

So martial arts teach balance, focus, concentration, coordination, body conditioning (along with every other sport lol). So how come some fighters get winded and knocked out in minutes, yet football and soccer players can go for hours and still be topnotch. How come Brock Lesnar went out for football and couldnt even make the practice squad for the Vikings? Try being a Tour De France cyclist, see if you can cycle for 8 hours up and down mountains. I dare you, fighters.

Martial arts isnt about fighting? So why did Chuck Lidell say in an NBC interview, "we wouldnt be doing this stuff if we didnt have issues".

Many times, martial art people try to say, "its about self defense. If someone came in your home and tried to attack your mother, would u just sit there?"....uhh, what on EARTH does some criminal intruding in my house and attacking my mother, have to do with me getting in a cage with some random guy who did NOTHING to me?

Why do people enjoy martial arts so much? Because they enjoy violent entertainment. What, do you REALLY think the fans watch it for any other reason? You wonder why you never hear the crowd cheering when the fighters are standing and staring, yet when one guy is on the floor pounding the other one repeatedly, the whooole crowd cheers as the top of their lungs. Because thats what they want, to see a pounding. And when a guy gets knocked out, everyone cheers. Now in most other sports, everyone is in silence and wondering if the guy is okay if he passes out.

What exactly is the benefit of martial arts? Tell me how this "discipline, mental toughness, coordination, balance"...is useful in your life? Please someone tell me, because whenever I ask, I dont get an answer...and actually a few times Ive been kicked out of gyms when I started asking. What, are they hiding something? People these days are not capable of being disciplined. BUT, studies have shown that video games can improve mentality, coordinaton, focus. So can fish oil! So can ANY other sport, lol.

Martial Arts is a foreign "sport". The people who enjoy these sports the most, are usually....yes, country people, rednecks, southerners, people who live in the midwest, hicks. Now correct me if im wrong, but dont THOSE people in particular, despise foreigners? So why on EARTH would they like "martial arts" then, seeing as how its a foreign "sport"? They hate soccer, hockey, etc. They like martial arts because they enjoy watching brutality and violence.

Some say they take it to give themselves control so they don’t bully, and that’s sad (and a lie). I had perfect control before I took mma. Im sorry to tell you all this, but you CANT TEACH RESPECT, you CANT TEACH DISCIPLINE. The military cant even discipline their soldiers, and since kindergarten we were all taught to respect, and years later we are bullies, at war, showing hatred. You.Cant.Teach.Respect.Or.Discipline, OR self-control, coordination, etc. You just CANT.

This makes me laugh. Ive heard of some "arts" that say you have to fight, or beat, or knock out a certain amount of people to advance to the next stage. Umm, please tell me none of you are dumb enough to believe that? So maybe thats why some fighters parade around the cage (or ring) after knocking out someone, because they seriously think its advancing them to a next level or stage of their 'art'. Wow, ive never heard of so much ignorance before. You think its sane, humane, justified to knock someone out for ANY reason???

Ive read articles, ive spoken to trainers, instructors, and the consensus is…martial arts, boxing, kickboxing are WORTHLESS on the streets. So why teach this stuff if theyre WORTHLESS in the streets? See, if youre on the streets, youre “off guard”. You don’t know if someone is gonna attack you, so if you get attacked, youre “off guard”, and you lose. Studies have shown that these simple “self defense” classes that last an hour, are MUCH more useful than combat sports. Plus, most people on the streets, arent TRAINED. Cage fights are worse than high school fights because you actually know HOW to knock someone out.

Some instructors try to say that fighting is human nature, that even animals do it.....well wow, its surely not MY nature, lol. Ive been in this world for a looooong time, and never once needed to "fight". So I have no idea what nature they are talking about, lol. They compare it to the days of Jesus, or the Gladiators in Rome, where people killed each other...and thats sick. Do you REALLY think God approves of two people fighting for no reason whatsoever?

You want to know why the people who do it, enjoy mma and all those sports? Because their people who love fighting. So they view this as a way of fighting legally, committing assault and getting away with it. In order to make it legal, these instructors CANT say its about fighting and bloodshed, they HAVE TO say its about confidence, control, etc...otherwise itd be banned in a heartbeat, lol. And since these instructors and lovers KNOW that people believe everything they hear, they go after the younger people mostly, but hey, adults can be dumb too. And then when girls come in, the instructors try to make them think we live in a violent world where self defense is a MUST, when its not (i know tons of women who've never been attacked).

Not to mention, almost every medical association alive, speaks AGAINST the sport. Almost every doctor, speaks AGAINST the sport. I wonder why. Id rather trust a doctor than some bloodshed loving guy. And those docs who do speak FOR it, are usually the younger ones who are still drunks and living the "party life". And girls being a part of combat sports disgusts me. Go ahead and learn, but compete? Thats not lady-like. Girls say they want a man, well men want a WOMAN. No "MAN" wants to date a girl who fights (unless its for sex).

I first took a big stand against it when I was walking through the Holocaust museum with a girlfriend. I told her I cant believe people would do such things to each other (the holocaust), and she told me im no different, that I beat people up, inflict pain, promote violence on people who never wronged me. At first I laughed and tried to explain to her what the sport was about and how its much different than murder OBVIOUSLY, but as I kept going through, I realized she had a point, what IS the point to fighting someone??? A guy friend of mine who is a state champion wrestler and anti-martial art guy, told me to look back 8 years ago when this country was attacked, do we really need more violence? 8 years ago 3000 people were killed, and in Iraq more than 4000 soldiers are killed (whether its an inside job or not, murder is still murder), then we come home and beat each other up for sport.....how is that necessary, justified, humane? He has a point. Most of all, if it teaches "respect", why are you HITTING the person? lol, do i NEED to say more? If you respect someone, you dont fight them!! DUHHHHH

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Wonderboy said...

You obviously have a chip on your shoulder for some reason.

Some of the things you say make sense but overall I think you assume way too much. You're being very ignorant by stereotyping "rednecks". I happen to be from the south yes there are some instances where "rednecks" or "hicks" don't like foreigners but that comes with anywhere you live. Not all of these people that you have ignorantly stereotyped feel this way.

So do you like any sports? They all tend to get violent? So technically you should hate all sports that have any ounce of violence in them because whether there is very little violence or a lot violence is violence so take a side and quit being wishy washy.

It seems like you have some vendetta against fighting? I have plenty of friends NOT in the south that just love to fight. It's the same as loving to catch a ball or slam your body into another player. And you should know it takes a lot of discipline to put your body through the grueling practice and workouts to become good at the sport. And yes there is a difference between a good fighter and a bad fighter. There are many techniques and many people dedicate their lives to training for this. Its a little bit fucked up to pretty much say all this training was stupid. I really don't care how much experience you have in fighting or the military or anything, it's fucked up to say that. Also, you can't ask an MMA fighter to do the Tour De France. You should know, if you really are an athlete, that you train specifically for a sport. If you are doing a full body training for something like MMA then your legs are as beefed up and conditioned as a bicyclist's would be. Just like a swimmer might not make the best football player. And as for Brock Lesnar, you keep using one example like Brock not making it in the NFL and applying that to EVERYONE. That's just bad arguing and straight up ignorance. So a black man steals my car. Does that mean that ALL African American's are thieves? no. It's the same concept. So basically learn to make your point without being ignorant and offensive because it basically looks like you are talking out of your asshole.

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