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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Power Punching Workout Plan Update

I have not forgotten about my power punching workout plan!  This past week has been a trial run as I’m just getting back to the gym (from a horrible flu that put me out for 2 weeks), figuring out my schedule and just going through the workout plans. 

I’m switching from a more conventional body building routine to a routine that emphasizes cardiovascular resistance training, with a lot more attention to wing tsun and boxing. Conventional body building training will be dropped considerably as I’ll only be pushing weights once a week for muscle maintenance.

Here’s what I have so far, in terms of the workout schedule:

I’m pretty much doing a different workout for each session throughout the week.

1)      Power Training
2)      Speed Training
3)      Weight Training
4)      Small muscle conditioning and total body stretching

Power training will consist of the use of body weight resistance and light weights with an emphasis on explosive movements. It will also develop my endurance.  I hope to finish off with some heavy bag training.

Speed training will focus on speed and coordination. Really light weights (if any) and just focus on developing the nervous system to move my hands and feet quickly.  I will also incorporate kettlebell drills to work the core and structure.  The session is neither about fatiguing nor building muscles.  The goal is to get the nervous system to throw punches faster, and with precision. I plan to finish off with the double end bag and mitt work.

Weight training will be designed to maintain muscle, hitting all major muscle groups. For the sake of time, I will superset the various exercises.  It will consist of reps and sets schemes typically used for body building.

Small muscle conditioning will consist of a short list of exercises to hit the small muscles including forearms, wrists, neck , as well as take the time to stretch out joints (eg. knees, ankles, hips, etc).  I will also stretch all major muscle groups.  I’m still not sure when or where I can fit this into my schedule. 

For the rest of the week, I’ll be training more wing tsun. I’m trying to rearrange work to make this more feasible. Given that I’m working such odd hours, it’s been difficult the last couple of years to attend consistently.

I will lay out the exact workout plans for each section above, but only after I run through them and make any needed adjustments.

Until then.

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