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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Work In Progress - The Punching Power Resolution!

Happy 2013 everyone!!

i posted on my facebook link what my new year resolution should be. Guess what? Si-Fu ended up commenting "PUNCHING POWER". And I thought, "shiettt..why not!"

So here it goes my friends - I'm currently looking at developing a fitness plan that will be more focused on developing punching power.  

Over the last month of December, I've switched my own fitness routine to a more conventional "body building" routine. Nothing crazy, but it's split in your standard fashion and has 4 sets of 10 per exercise..that type of idea and the goal is simply to work on physique. There's a plan here..as we are in the winter months, it's a great time to 'bulk'. Of course, i'm not looking to get huge, just gain some 'visible muscle' in time to cut down the body fat for the summer.

But now, come March, i'll be switching to a power punching routine.  i'm doing my research now and if you guys have any feedback, thoughts, drills or exercises that you think may be helpful, please do let me know!

The power punching routine i have in mind will not be focused on building muscle size, but to develop power, speed, structural integrity, small muscle and joint conditioning and overall cardiovascular fitness.  My research will look into the mechanisms of punching, concepts of punching and then figuring out how that develops into a specific workout plan.

i really don't know what it will look like as everything at this point is conceptual but I do look forward to it. And I also look forward to you guys following along, trying out the plan with me and sharing your thoughts.

Cheers to 2013 and cheers to PUNCHING POWER!

Until then...

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