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Sunday, March 28, 2010

WT Home Gym System and Week 9: 1000 Chain Punch Challenge

Before I get into this week's drill - I've been getting questions lately regarding the resistance bands I've been using in my "train with me" campaign on my other blog, Mighty Fit Grasshopper. Well, I've also been playing around with it for WT training and it's been a lot of fun. I am in the works of developing an amazing training program using those bands! So stay tuned!

In the mean time, you can find the bands here. I've been using them for stance training, chain punch drills, even working on coordination between knees and elbows during step and punch (i can attach bands to all four limbs at the same time!).

Ok, now on with this week!

This week is going to be a little different.

Warm up by performing the following:

Squat with bodyweight - 10 reps
Followed immediately with 50 chain punches - full blast

Perform this 5 times total.

Now into the push up position - making sure that it's your fists (vertical, of course) that are making contact with the ground (you can wear fist protectors if you're not used to the contact). Staying in this position, lift the right arm and touch your right hip. Place the fist back to the ground, and now lift your left arm and touch your left hip. Alternate to do a total of 20 reps.

As you alternate arms, be sure to maintain good posture and focus on keeping the core tight.

Have fun!

Until then.

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