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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Para-Olympic Games 2010

Well this past Friday marked the opening of the Para-Olympic Winter Games for 2010. It was an amazing ceremony. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it, but they have my 100% support no doubt.

Speaking to many, it's a common feeling that should anyone lose a limb, their world is over. It really is amazing that these athletes can compete at such a level with their "handicap." to them, they don't see any handicap..they are themselves, doing whatever it is they enjoy!

Now, in the context of wing chun, I know there's a few clips of a WT expert demonstrating the ability of utilizing their skills in a wheel chair. I find this very interesting and have to ask, how stable is the wheel chair in the context of absorbing forces or rooting? Can the person adjust the various vectors, the shifting, the turning, etc and translate it into a wheel chair context.

This pass week, in Australia, a Canadian was a victim of a beating by two teenage thugs. The victim was also in a wheel chair, and I wonder what the scenario would play like should he have had some self-defense training.

I would imagine the assailants knocked him off the chair, and in that state, how would WT be applied by someone without legs?

Very interesting..

Until then.

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