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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waves System

Have you guys seen this before? i came across this randomly as i was "youtubing". to some it can be quite the exaggerated movements, but still, there are similarities to the wing chun i'm familiar with. I think many can confuse it for just being fancy moves, but applying these ideas to as simple as a right hook or straight punch can make the right hook or straight punch quite devastating.

It's all about movement of the joints, really letting them become flexible and free. Initially, it's usually the muscles that are tense and not used to the movements that prevent us from being so flexible. But that's about 20% of it. the other 80% of it is simply our own mind - we don't let ourselves free. Either we're too shy, or don't know how to let loose...having that flexible force, that natural movement in the legs as well as the arms really depends on our mindset.

Here's the clip

Until then.


Gary said...

hey Brian,

teh video re waves is blocked or something

Brian said...

Ok fixed! Sorry about that everyone

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