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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trouble With The Wrong Guy Part 2

If you missed my original post, you can find it here. I just wanted to talk about this video. I thought this was a very good clip, so thanks to whoever shot this and posted it on youtube.

There's no doubt in my mind that this guy has a karate or martial arts background. I say Karate only because of his eagerness to use a reverse punch, but I could be wrong. What I love about this clip is how the "victim' stood his ground the entire time, never broke eye contact and just placed his hands in front of his groin area, to protect it.

Now, he has guts. i don't know if I would've let the assailant come so close to me..and that many times..but this guy definitely was calm and assertive. He was not aggressive, he did not egg the attacker on. He just stood there..and from that, there was a confidence to it.

That's what self-defense is about. It's not necessarily about being to spin kick some guy in the head or slam him to the ground. It's about holding your own, and when the time calls for action, you can deliver..right then and there. There is no cage, the "attacker" isn't going to be always be the MMA fighter..the attacker can just be some whack job puffing and huffing their chest..but the question is how do you/we react??

Yes, sure if you can fight in the cage, then the skills will translate to the street (at least, that's the idea). But, at the same time, the street's measure of victory is not a knock out, is not a choke..it's just getting out of there.

I don't want to rant about self-defense vs. MMA..

I just want to point out that self-defense as self-defense only can be very practical and successful on the street..and at the end of the day getting your ass out of a dangerous situation is all that matters...not whether you choked the guy out.

Back to the video, props to this guy. And what an idiot that "attacker" is..typical young kid trying to show off to his friends. He deserved getting punched in the face. And the "victim" did a great job on remaining calm and acting only when he needed it.

Until then.

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