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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Self-Defense: Fighting Without Fighting

So I'm walking to my car, parked on the top floor of Station Square Metrotown. The area is fairly dead ever since SilverCity opened up. Traffic is primarily made up of people walking to and from FutureShop to Metropolis @ Metrotown.

Unfortunately, the walk way to FutureShop forks: one way towards FutureShop and the other towards the parking lot. It's even more dead than usual and dark outside. As I exit, there's a tunnel walkway that exits into the parking lot...

Ahead of me are two men leaning against the tunnel exit on both my right and left side. Many would describe these guys as shady, homeless but young fellows. In terms of size, one was around 6'2 and the other, I couldn't tell as he was hunched over and it was dark.

As I pass them, I keep my head high, eyes aware. There were bad vibes from the beginning. I hear one say to me:

"It's a nice parking lot, isn't it?"

I completely ignore him as it dawned on me that if I gave attention to the one guy, then my back would be vulnerable to the other guy.

I keep walking...

Then I hear one guy on my left start walking behind me. Slowing increasing his steps. The car lot is dark and no other people are around. I don't want him to know where I've parked, nor trap myself in between cars.

I keep walking...

And it's as if you can feel his presence creep up a little faster than it should. Right then and there, I turn around and stare at the guy.

He slows down. There's a good 20' or so between us. There he stands, 6'2, dirty blond hair, caucasian, dirty looking but confident.

I feel my heart starting to race, my hands and feet starting to tingle. "Here we go..." I thought to myself.

I'm too focused on the situation to even say anything, to do anything. I just stand there with my fists at my sides, back slightly hunched, and legs slightly bent, mentally ready to unleash hell. Hands ready to go, feet ready to go. (Sorry, no fancy Matrix kung fu stance here.)

Quickly, it hits me. "where is his friend???" I scan as quickly as I can and try to listen in case he's walking towards me. Luckily, his friend is behind him still by the walkway... so I'm not too worried about his pal.

Incredibly forced on my part, I assertively say "more trouble than it's worth." I could barely speak... This happens to me all the time. My focus is on the "what physical confrontation is going to happen", rather than on what clever words to say. In that zone, I don't talk...probably because I can't.

I just stand there, ready, for what felt like 2 minutes, but probably was more like 2 or 3 seconds.

He says "fuck whatever" and turns away.

As I leave, my knees and hands are shaky. It's an adrenaline rush that would be difficult to replicate in the training school, in the sparring session, in the cage. It's mentally draining and physically draining. Luckily, these effects happened after the whole incident and not during..

Until then.


Honky said...

Good job Boner!!! Don't let those filthy white boyz ( ya with a z!) threaten you! On the serious side I'm glad your alright and I'm pretty sure I would have booked it screaming like a little girl.

Captain Willard said...

"More trouble than it's worth" is perfect! I wonder whether any martial art training can really affect the way adrenaline works...my question is not "will I be prepared to face an attack?" - as I believe WT training is really effective in this sense. Rather it is "Will I be able to calm down so as to face the situation in the best way and, possibly, avoid fighting? Guess the ideal is, as your post's title says, truly fighting without fighting...My name is Stefano and I'm a former WT student and I'll be at the open house tonight...

CTK said...

Great job, man.

I have a hard time speaking under stress too.

Self Defense Knives said...

Great story telling. all this action without actual action.. lol.

"more trouble than it's worth" is awesome. how did you come up with that?

- AllanJ

Anonymous said...

Well done.

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