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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I think I ate too much. Nope. Scratch that. I ate too much. It's great isn't it?

Before the official Xmas day, I had the opportunity to lead the class to provide a fun and stress-relieving class before we all hit the turkey, mashed potatoes and wine. I wouldn't call it boot-camp, but it was enough to work up a good sweat and I just love it when everyone gives it their all.

The class focused on pad work where they could just go all out. What I like to stress during these drills is how different our posture, footing and even punching delivery becomes when we actually have to hit, not only at a target, but through the target.

Without even taking it to the level of sparring, you can see how things fall apart just from hitting the pad (stance dissolves, you push yourself away from the target instead of hitting through it, head leans forward and down, the punching fist slips, etc). You'll even see many develop a version of tunnel vision, where they are so focussed on the pad, that they've forgotten everything else!

Again, this is simply just by incorporating the pad and not including an attacking partner or a sparring partner, just an in animate, nonthreatening pad.

It's amazing how much "power" an inanimate object has over us. As soon as the pad becomes the target, we quickly reveal where are training and skills need more work.

And when that's the case, how can you even begin thinking about sparring. It's as if you want to jump into open heart surgery, when you haven't learned the basics of the circulatory system.
It takes a while to get from circulatory system basics to open heart surgery. Same goes for kung fu and fighting, ironically.

I think my point was made and it was a great class. Everyone worked up a sweat (on their own) and I really enjoy seeing everyone giving it their all.

Until then.

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