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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Weaknesses

With the recent "Sifu" titles announced, I'd thought it'd be nice to take a few minutes to not let being called a Sifu get to my head (for a change), and examine what I feel are things I need to work on.

1) Punching/striking power - I know I have more boom in me, but at this point, I feel like I can only exert 35% of what I can potentially dish out. I know there are plenty others out there who can hit harder than I can...it'd be nice to just close that gap a little more.

2) Commitment - When the other guy wants to tear your head off, it's really hard to go forward - to really just displace the attacker completely. Generally, it is more automatic to go forward enough to hit, but not forward enough to go THROUGH the attacker. What can I say, it's scary bridging that distance when the fists are flying.

3) Sinking - During the heated exchange, shoulders, elbows, arms, stance all tend to rise up. Again, this is a very automatic response and will be hard to train out..in particular as it's directly related with stress, tension and "fear" of the moment/of being hit.

4) Structure/Stance - I don't think I'm "heavy" or "rooted" enough in my stance. This needs improvement, but it gradually does get better as I keep at it.

5) Technical skills - the finer details of the chi-sao sections, in particular the instructor chi-sao sections, wooden dummy and biu tze form - applications and forms training included.

6) Incorporation of the Entire Body - it's one thing to practice it slowly, then it's another thing to speed it up, and it's another to use it during fighting. As stress levels rise, it seems less and less use of the entire body occurs..isolating just to the arms or legs, for example.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive, there are many more things that I need to work on, but just some things that came to mind. what about you? or are your skills top notch?

Until then.


Anonymous said...

The very fact that you can identify your weaknesses is a strength in itself. Being sifu doesn't mean that your learning or training stops, only that you have reached a certain level of accomplishment.

As for your "weaknesses" - not sure if I can give you any meaningful help on that but a few words of encouragement. For hitting power, how are you measuring in order to get your figure of 35%? I think that speed and accuracy is more important than power, especially in Wing Chun. More speed will equal more power - force = mass x acceleration (f=ma).

And moving forward...ideally you shouldn't be closing the gap into your opponent's centre line, you'll just end up with a face full of fist (unless you've successfully trapped first). Redirect your opponent as you close and drive forward, making sure your structure is overwhelming theirs, your legs should be right inside theirs putting them off balance.

I hope this has helped you some and is received in the manner in which it was intended.

Good luck, and thank you for sharing your experiences.

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