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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wooden Dummy

I was cruising on some of the wing chun forums and one guy asked, if he were to learn the wooden dummy form, how much of the wing chun curriculum would you learn from that? 60% 20%?

I wasn't too sure if he meant in terms of the movements found in the form vs. the movements that make up wing chun weapons...but I am more inclined to think he was thinking of actual learning, for example, applications or useful techniques.

Right off the bat, I'd say 0%. Anyone can learn the form! Anyone can mimic the moves and very well..but that does not correlate with any real wing chun in their fighting. Take actors - they can learn a sequence of moves with no previous training for 4 months and look great on the camera!

You can teach me to perform a facelift, step by step, but no way am I a surgeon or doctor!

To add, there are people who've been practicing wing chun for years, and learning the form and long pole etc and still can't punch. Yet others who've barely learned the dummy form can step and punch through their opponent no problem.

There is no correlation between wooden dummy form and real wing chun skill.

Yea, I realize the wooden dummy form is cool and to do it, looks pretty awesome. And I think that's why many, especially from other arts, like to learn it and incorporate the moves into their own teachings. But they've not learned any wing chun..just an empty "dance" with a wooden pole...yes..somehow, i've managed to compare the wooden dummy form to pole dancing.

Until then.

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