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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Karate Kid

Just saw a commercial for the Karate Kid! Man, i dunno........

I loved the original Karate Kid - the story was something people could relate to, the characters awesome and Mr. Miyagi was like the best karate teacher in the whole wide world.

What i even liked more about it was how "Daniel-san" was good at karate but not THAT good..he just knew the basics really well. No spinning kicks, no flashy flips - just basics and his one special move - the crane kick ;)

But then i see this new movie starring Jacky Chan in Will Smith's son...looks entertaining, but is it Karate Kid worthy? i don't know. There isn't even karate in it!! Plus, the kids look kinda young too..is there a love story involved? Might be kinda weird...

anyway, you gonna check it out? i probably will.....

Until then.

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