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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Victor Guiturrez

Came across this video of a seminar held by ex-WT Victor Guiturrez on a wing chun forum. You know what? This video got flamed big time. I was really dissapointed. Many took the assumption that since he's training with partners and with no footage of free fighting, that this guy knows sh*t all.

I liked what I saw here. There was un-orthodox attacks (in the eyes of wing chun), there was an emphasis of a realistic attacker, and there was importance placed on putting weight and your whole body behind the hits. I would say these are all good points to pick up, rather than focusing on how co-operative the partner is.

One note on the "co-operative partner" - you can't really tell on video clips, but sometimes the hits ACTUALLY HURT LIKE A BITCH so there's really no point trying to resist the attacks and so you cover up or don't "fight back". in other cases, you can try to fight back or resist, but then the teacher doing the demonstration will hit you harder to the point where you can only take so much pain. Is it worth it? not really, so you kind of "co-operate" by not fighting back.

There's a reason the partner doesn't attack back - it's because it hurts to.

Anyway, what are your thoughts/

here's the video clip.

And on a lighter note - here's a prank gone wrong - just the first half of this clip though.

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