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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is Your Wing Chun Real?

Here's an interesting question for you - how do you know that the wing chun that you're learning is the real deal and not some watered-down or elementary form of wing chun?

The same can be said of any martial art I suppose - karate, taekwondo, kung fu, etc.

What makes a style real or not, and more importantly, would the person seeking real wing chun even know what real wing chun is when he or she sees it?

Is it a Chinese teacher that determines if your wing chun is real? Or the traceability of lineage to Yip Man, Bruce Lee, William Cheung, etc?

Is it how hard he can punch?

Is it how hard he or she trains you?

Is it the robes that the teacher is wearing or, like a chinese restaurant, the number of chinese students attending the class?

How do i know if the wing chun I'm learning right now and for the last years, is the real thing? Maybe all that matters is that helps me improve from where ever I'm at..and that's all that really matters.

But then again, maybe that's what real kung fu is supposed to be.

Until then.

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