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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Siu Nim Tao Is Not Complete!

Thanks to my wing chun brother, Tony for forwarding this. It's a lengthy interview, but definitely worth your time if you're into wing chun.

Here, the person describes the time before Yip Man wing chun and he describes how the Siu Nim Tau form that we have all come to know within the Yip Man lineage is not complete at all. It's only a portion of the original form, as a result of the timing of the death of key teachers (due to old age) and space limitations during teaching lessons. Very interesting stuff.

Maybe not as mystical as watching a leopard fight a frog and forming a style of kung fu from that, but the story that the interview reveals seems much more plausible.

To add, the person interviewed mentions a lot more forms (eg. 12 empty hand forms) involved in the "real" wing chun curriculum - so much for it being an "efficient" style of kung fu. Turns out, the other forms just died with the teachers.

You can find the interview and the complete Siu Nim Tao form here.

Until then.

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