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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chi-Sao Pushing: Kick The Habit!

During chi-sao, you're training with your partner. I repeat..YOUR PARTNER..not your attacker. As such, there's tendency to be nice to the partner - how do you train a fighting art with someone as to not hit that person all the time?

In some wing chun class, the attacks are controlled and eventually turn into "slaps" which isn't good.

but the other extreme, the attacks turn into "push" so as to physically move the opponent showing them they can't continue, but the problem becomes that the wing chun person only learns to push.

And then you see this pushing translate into natural reaction..which is something we DON'T want under all circumstances.

Pushing your opponent or partnet, for that moment, may show that you "won" or resets the drill, but really it doesn't show anyone won..in fact, probably worse.

The wing chun fighter works so hard to close the distance and likes to maintain distance, so why would you want to push the person away and create more distance?

The wing chun fighter wants to remove time, opportunity and distance for the attacker to make a move, but by pushing someone away, you're giving the attacker all three factors!


Remember, you want to hit, you want to cause trauma - pushing doesn't do this.

Until then.

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