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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bare Knuckle Fights!

Kyklosphaira sent me this clip of some bare knuckle brawls. OK, i'm not gonna say this technique is wrong or they don't know how to fight etc. The reality is these guys got the guts to get in there and just give it their all. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

I would like to bring you attention to two things:

1) Notice how the dynamics of fighting change when it's bare knuckle fighting. There's something inherently different by how they fight, how the fists are clenched, etc. to maximize impact but minimize damage of the hands themselves. It's ugly and it's brutal for both fighters. You seem to lose a sense of "security" created with gloves or fist protectors. The fist has to connect almost perfectly to avoid damage...and that changes the way one has to punch.

2) 1:49 into the clip, there's a wing tsun guy!! At first, i'm like ALL RIGHT!! then, you look at the background and the guys are cheering. UHM..i think this is a fake. What guys cheer like that in the background? it's not some kind of video game or B-rated movie. TOO BAD and shame on you WT.

Here's the clip

Until then.

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