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Monday, June 30, 2008

Step and Punch

To me, I'd say the most important "move" or "technique" or whatever you want to call it is the step and punch. This is what we've all learned in the first student grade and something that should be practiced over and over again throughout the wing tsun regimen. Although, of course, as one progresses, the focus sheds more on the way of chi-sao, soft control, and other more "complex" or "cool" stuff.

The ability to bridge a distance, while protecting yourself, to land that punch is all that's needed. Chi sao, wooden dummy, etc all teach you how to make that happen, but it's easy for us students to get lost in the methods and forget the lessons.

Step and punch. It's a beautiful thing. If you can't step and punch - if you can't safely bridge that distance - don't even think about pulling a bong sao or thinking a lap sao can save your day. As such, we should practice it over and over again. Different distances, different strengths, different stimuli and also, that means conditioning the body to execute the perfect step and punch. It's very similar to the first slash in iaido

Day one we were taught to step and chain punch. In terms of functional wing tsun, that means to be able to cross enemy lines to get to the target without hesitation and continuously attack regardless of the attacker's response. Can you do it? Can I do it? It'll take practice, that's for sure...

Until then.

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