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Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't Forget!

Wing Tsun kicking is practical..in the sense that it doesn’t kick above the hip (some lineages the upper limit is the knee). Front kicks primarily, and then the occasional side kick. There is also the option to knee an opponent. Kicking is another weapon to add to our arsenal. It’s just like the elbow, fist, palm etc. So why don’t we emphasize the stretching, flexibility and resistance training (not in the sense of weights, but conditioning exercises)? Shouldn’t we give some time to our legs? We should stretch them, in my opinion, in both “conventional” ways and WT ways. By conventional, I mean, a stretching regimen similar to that found in a wushu or karate class and by WT, I mean, focusing on the ligaments and tendons.

Being able to kick high, doesn’t mean you have to or are supposed to kick high. But wouldn’t you think that it would give you the proper foundation to kick better at a lower target? Yes, our hands/arms are very versatile and it’s safer to stay on two feet, etc etc. I’m not saying to ignore the hands, I’m just saying you can’t ignore the feet/legs.

Until then.

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