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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gor Sau

Many of us practicing martial arts want to know if we can answer the age old question, "can we really use this stuff?" To answer this, some enter tournaments, while others go looking for fights on the street. Others throw the pads on and step into a ring and try a round or two of full-contact sparring. And then you got those that have decided to walk the MMA road.

So I ask you, how are you answering this question? Do you do controlled sparring drills? Do you just trust your instincts and hope they kick in when you need them to. In any method, how do your assure yourself this is realistic and will translate to the street?

To me, this is the hardest aspect of them all. I guess it's much simpler if you feel that MMA or equivalent environment is a direct translation of street fighting, but if you don't..well then, the solution is much more difficult. What elements make up a street fight? how do we replicate this?

Any suggestions?

Until then.

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