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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Name 3 Things Wrong Here!

Do you remember those picture books where you compare two pictures that look, for the most part, the same but you are asked to find the 10 things wrong or different between them?

I want you to take a look at this video clip. I apologize, the intros take a long time before the action gets going.

Anyway, here you have former Traditional Wing Chunner Sifu Joe Sayah fighting in a K-1 Tournament. He's fighting against a full contact karate fighter.

I'm not here to pick on Traditional Wing Chun. I just want you to look at this fight and think, "what went wrong?"

What did he do right? Sifu Joe fought with continuous attacks. Much like the ideas of wing chun. But that's where it ended.

It seems like there was nothing in those hits. Nothing behind the punch, the kicks nor even the kneeing! I'm sure he can hit fairly hard..and i'm sure his students can attest to his punching power, but you can really see that it did very little.

Is this a product of (generally speaking) the wing chun chi-sao? the training? to rely on short inch power, to always be relaxed? or is this none of that and just a more of bad training altogether? there's no structure..it seems to me..no weight into the hits.

Is this a product of a co-operative partner? a partner not used to be being hit? so many variables, but variables that I think we all vulnerable to.

What are your thoughts?

Again, this is not to pick on Sifu Joe nor Traditional Wing Chun. I want to know what we can learn from this experience.

Until then.


Anonymous said...

the Problem, is that Joe isn't much of a fighter. I've been beat up by wing chun fighters and I've been beat up by Karate guys. You're not fighting the style. You're fighting the man.

Unknown said...

1) Primarily he is backing up - a loss of forward pressure (or no forward pressure). Towards the end he is full backwards backpedal.
2) He is not 'waiting for his opponent' to load up or decide his own actions. He attacks and then retreats upon his own initiative.
3) His stance is not square and therefore he is committed to a course of action when the opponent gets within range.

A) His kick was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Sifu joe is a homo, a poor teacher and a bully.
He broke a full time students knee badly, costing the student allmost 10 k in surgery bills ect and refused to pay for it, Sifu joe is a child molester and sexist. anti gay and a racist closet homosexual he spends all of his spare time in front of a mirror masterbating over himself and abducting small children to take back to his rockspider Lair, He is a money hungry con man who would sell his grandmothers asshole for a quick buck

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the 3rd reply here about Joe Sayah. My 8yo son has just started learning Kung Fu from him so obviously that comment disturbs me.
I have read a few other nasty posts about him on the internet. Can anyone shed any light on this guy?

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