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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hack Away The Unessentials

I'm sure you've read the quote "hack away the unessentials"..or something like that.. made famous by the great Bruce Lee!

To this, are you familiar with Pareto principle? Also known as the Law of the Few or the 80/20 rule..it roughly states that 80% of the outcome is determined by 20% of the causes

Or it can be stated that 20% of what you put into something contributes to 80% of the progress.

It's a common rule in business - 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients.

Now in the context of Wing Tsun, how does this apply?

the Pareto rules applies to us this way:

What is the 20% that contributes to the 80% of your wing tsun skill?

Perhaps your chain punch is lacking in power - so focus more time on the chain punches ONLY..nothing else, no chi-sao, no stance training, no partner exercises (haha, I wonder how Si-Fu feels about this concept...)

Perhaps your stance/structure is weak - so focus all efforts on stance training, and nothing else, no chain punches, no pushups, no forms training.

For some, training 20 hours per week is not easy to fit into their schedules. Beyond class, maybe you can only devote an extra hour per week. And when it comes to wing chun, there's just too much to work on: forms training, chi-sao, stance, partner drills, variations of drills, variations of chi-sao sections, physical conditioning, etc etc.

But if you only have 1 hour a week, or maybe 30 minutes, twice a week, why waste it on SNT if you already know it? Why waste it on lat sao if you're already comfortable with it? why do any of that when you know your chain punches are incredibly weak? or that you can't coordinate step and punch? or that you can't even keep all your weight on the back leg??

Find out what exactly is that 20% that you need to focus on and hammer away at that for that one hour...and according to Pareto, you'll get the most value out of it!

Until then.

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1 comment:

kyklosphaira said...

Hey Brian,

Nice post. Memory jogger. I was told to spend at least the same amount of time training chi sau as doing circle stepping (huen bo) with chain punches. Now that I think about it, if we spend more time training moving in, that would be very useful. I'll try - thanks for the wake-up call!

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