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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Future of the EWTO/IWTA

Ok Leung Ting has been sentenced to jail for beating up his girlfriend. Really classy guy. I don't know him personally and I've only been to two of his seminars. No doubt he's got skills, but my experience with him was only at a student/teacher level..and only for the few hours at that.

So what's the official position of the WT organization on this? What about all the schools that dawn the WT name and Leung Ting's face on websites, logos and advertisement?

Do you shun him away or do you say that the verdict is wrong and that he's the victim?

My guess is that many schools are going to shun him away, and that the WT organization WANTS to as well, but may fear that this will only divide the organization further (which it really has taken a beating over the last years).

Well, really it comes down to money. Will they make more money by shunning him away or by keeping him within the organization and just hope this will blow over? Answering that will determine what lies ahead for the "company".

Some business advice to the EWTO/IWTA - the latest trend is all about going RETRO. How about a back-to-the-80's/90's hardcore wing tsun training? build some amazing fighters that will compete in, dare I say it, the MMA lime light. Go back to its roots. Create a new Boztepe..a Boztepe that this generation can relate to. The formula was simple and I think the organization has lost sight of what made it what it was. People, especially WT guys and gals, are dying for some hardcore representation. Give them what they want and the organization can look to a brighter future.

Any business execs of the organization can reach me directly at byam@functionalwingtsun.com for further details. My fee is $250/hour.

Until then.

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