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Sunday, November 29, 2009

EBMAS Canada

For those that aren't familiar - EBMAS is the "brand" of Wing Tsun taught by Emin Boztepe, who originally is from the Leung Ting/EWTO lineage. EBMAS stands for Emin Boztepe Martial Arts Systems. Here's a good demo (i thought) from some guys of EBMAS school. (It's a little long, but the ending i thought was pretty good..to put a nice slant to the seriousness of the demo. But great energy from the guys as it must've been incredibly tiring.) It's important to note that the Wing Tsun school I attend is not affiliated with EBMAS nor Emin Boztepe in any official way.

That said... EBMAS now has a club in Vancouver! If we can leave politics and history aside for a moment, I just wanted to extend my welcome of the EBMAS club, headed by Behzad Kahrim, to Vancouver and the wing chun community.

Although the departure of Sifu Emin from the WT organization was not in the best of spirits, hopefully we can put that behind us and share genuine Wing Tsun skills and discussion for the betterment of the art, rather than the business.

All the best to the new club!

Until then.

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