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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

15 years

Well this coming saturday is our school's 15th anniversary seminar! 15 years this school has been here and 15 years since my Si-Fu started up in Canada.

For a martial arts school - that's pretty impressive. Unless you're a mcdojo with trophies along the wall, its not easy for a school to stay open. Especially one that doesn't jump on the tae-bo, ninjitsu, shaolin MMA bandwagon. No sir. The guy sticks to old school European Wing Tsun.

I feel like I have to include "European" in there because, over the last 10 years of my exposure to wing chun in general, this has a very different flavour to it. This isn't your Chinese paddy-cake wing chun. Nor is it a bastardized trapping wanna be system. This is fully functional wing tsun that made wing tsun what it WAS (can't say if the WT of now is of the same calibre as it once was).

Anyway, I think us Vancouverites are incredibly fortunate to have Si-Fu for the last 15 years and I hope it'll be this way for the next 25 and longer.

Over the 15 years, his skill is what kept my faith in WT especially during the whole UFC and BJJ craze came about. Its one thing simply to believe but I gotta say its much easier when u can see it day in and day out. Also helps to see the bjj and mma guys come into our club and leave with bruised chests. ;)

Thanks Si-Fu. Check out school and seminar details at wingtsunkungfu.com

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