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Monday, October 27, 2008


The stock market is crashing down to record lows. It seems that every channel you turn to, the news headlines are the economy and the US Presidential election. For months, we Canadians have been told by economists that, although we are not immune, we would not be as hard hit as our American neighbours in terms of the housing price slashes and in terms of overall economy. Within the last few months, we are seeing price decreases, with some new condos slashing prices by 20% (in addition to lower promotional mortgage rates). And now, only a few days ago, condo developments in Vancouver (The Ritz/Onni) and in Surrey have stopped construction. Most likely because the developers are having troubles finding money to finance these projects.

So how is this affecting your wingtsun studies in terms of tuition payments? or even commitment time? perhaps you need to put in more hours at work to make more or to get in good with the boss for job security purposes.

or maybe this won't affect you at all.

To many, this is a hobby, while to others it's an indispensable one. I mean, wing tsun training is a relatively good investment. Instead of purchases (bag of chips, beer with the guys, etc), WT is investment into yourself. You are making yourself better than before - a sense of appreciation in the time and money you've put into it. This is your health and safety too.

So, is the economy affecting your training?

Until then.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the economy is having a stress on my classes, but not in the way you may think. Its not that its getting harder to round up the money to pay for tuition; rather, my work is expecting me to work longer hours. I am like most WT students who take classes after work. As such, overtime makes it difficult to make it to class, and the extra fatigue of working longer hours makes it more difficult to perform in WT class.

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