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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

It was my favourite "holiday" - Halloween! Once again downtown was brimming with energy, excitement and scantily dressed (drunk) women :)

that's all. Thanks for dropping by.

Just kidding.

In the clubbing adventures, I've seen a few guys getting into some shoving matches here and there. It's usually on the dance floor or at the bar. Some happen on the streets, but usually this is just carry over from having been kicked out by the bouncers. Usually the fights, if any, are quick and dirty. No time to square up, judge distance, etc.

A few years back, maybe around 2000/2001, I was in at the Atlantis nightclub where two guys started getting into a scuffle and it escalated into something more. The difference was one guy actually started to use his ground fighting skills. This is a rarity - to see ground fighting in the club. The guy took his assailant down and you can tell already he knew what he was doing. The dance floor opened up and they were literally tossing on the ground right around my legs. Then...

CRASH! The guy right beside me smashes his drink on the ground fighter's head. Then his friend kicks him. I say to him, "you know that guy?" He's like, "nope! but this is fun!"

That was an eye opener.

Anything happened to me? Not really. I came away safe that time. But I did realize that even when you have the advantage, anything can happen. Especially in the setting of real life..and surrounded by drunk men. You just never know.

You realize that even if you feel confident about your skills, there are factors that are out of your control. The best way to control for that is prevention - don't get into the fight. That is your best line of defense.

Until then.

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