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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The WT whisperer

There is this show on the National Geographic channel called the "dog whisperer". I'm a dog guy, so this show has me hooked. It's about this guy (Cesar Millan) who goes dog owner's homes to rehabilitate their dogs. These dogs are usually troubled cases from abusive households, accidents, etc that exhibit dominant, aggressive, and/or protective behaviour to people, animals, or objects. 

Dogs communicate in the most primal form of language - body language and states of energy (excitement, relaxed, submissiive). This Cesar guy is amazing, within minutes he can transform a growling, protective pitbull into a submissive "dog". He can read their body language and understand the importance of energy states. 

So, what does that mean for us? Simply, actions like taking away space, inflating of the chest and eye contact are all dominant traits. This will also trigger aggression from others. While, submissive dogs are prone to being attacked.  The ones that are "balanced" display calm, assertive energy. This is a state that we should project at all times, when strolling in a parking lot, on a dark street. 

When emitting this calm assertive state, it tells others that you're not a threat but you're confident and aware. Just because we know kung fu doesn't give us the right to look like mr. tough guy otherwise, trouble will find us. At the same time, we don't want to submissive (avoid eye contact, hunch the shoulders) as attackers would interpret that as easy prey even though you may have some mad WT skills. 

This calm assertive energy neutralizes the threat. That, my friends, is self defense.

Until then. 

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