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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Magnetic Zone

What is the “magnetic zone”? It’s the area between the attacker and the WT defender, in which the attacker can make physical contact either by a punch, kick, grab etc. The maximum distance of the zone, is generally measured as the distance a stomach level side kick, delivered by the attacker, can cover without taking an additional step.
It is in this range in which the WT defender can be attacked. Once the attacker moves into the zone, it is the responsibility of the defender to bridge distance as fast as possible, smothering any incoming attack – hence the term “magnetic” zone.  This is also a very dangerous situation, in the sense that it makes or breaks the outcome of the fight.  Hesitation will definitely be a factor. If, however, the defender can bridge this distance safely while yielding a forceful attack, it will maximize both damage to the attacker and maximize safety for the defender.  But this is only ideal. During the bridging, any attack can be delivered. So that means the defender must not only be able to cross distance, but he’s got to be able to defend against an oncoming attack at the same (whether it’s a punch, kick, chop, tackle) and throw his own attack in there. This all happens within one step. The defender must also pack boom into his punches.
It is a critical time of the fight.
Otherwise, you may resort to a few other options that is more “naturally occurring”.
1)       You close distance and grab onto him and he grabs onto you – how good are you at grappling?
2)       You maintain distance and square each other up and start trading shots from a distance, a la round 12 of western boxing – are you taller than he is? how long can you keep this up?
3)       To maintain distance, especially against a taller opponent, you are placed right in his sweet spot where he can punch you and kick you fine, but for you, he’s slightly out of reach. – how good is your pain tolerance?
Until then.


Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on what it is you mean, exactly, by "bridging". My Sifu and I are having a conversation about "bridging the gap" and I am interested on what you take the phrase to mean.

Anonymous said...

"bridging" to me, is simply being able to close the distance between you and the opponent with the purpose of making contact with the opponent (hitting). As long as you can hit him, all is good.

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