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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mental Block

So far, I've discovered three major stages of hitting. Perhaps there are more - but I don't know any better to say otherwise at the time of writing.

1) There's hitting at the target. You hit the target - you make contact with the target. Simple (and as bland) as that.

2) There's hitting the target. This time you can make an impact on the target. You hit and the force is felt. Albeit, it may not be dramatically damaging, but at least you're not rocking yourself back and the target in front of you is moving as a result of your hit.

3) There's hitting through the target. This one is what we want. Its like a cannon ball being sent through the brick wall. You're solid enough to be able to hold your ground, your hands/wrists can sustain the impact and all the force dissipates into and beyond the target.

The third stage is not neccessarily a result of a lack of physical attribute - weak wrist, small fist, not fast enought, etc. What really impedes progress at this stage is also mental - because we know the target exists we cannot hit beyond it.

take this as an example; first, trying punching a door. Then, have someone blindfold you, spin u around and have u throw a punch, not knowing whether there is a door in front of you or not. If u do happen to hit the door, you'll find that the impact and commitment of hitting the door unknowingly is, by default, more powerful than simply seeing the door and hitting. Why is this?

It's all mental.

There is no spoon.

Until then.

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