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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pet Peeve

I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day and she brought up the topic of my participation in wing tsun kung fu. She noticed this on my facebook profile.  She scans me up and down and says, "You know kung fu? But you're not a big guy!"

OK! This is so annoying. She then mentioned that she has a friend in hapkido who is a hulking 6'4 and can lift this amount of weight etc etc. Why am I so annoyed? Because she assumed big guys are the ones that do that "karate stuff".

The point of self-defense is to give us average guys a chance at the fight - to take on the bigger guys.  That's WHY someone like myself would take self-defense classes, maybe "need" them more than the big guy next to me. 

Who's gonna pick on a big guy? If anything, another big guy would appreciate his size and they will acknowledge each other (I call that the "Big Guy's Club". 

But it's us average folk that get picked on or is more likely to be. 

If you're 6'4 and press 350 lbs, seriously, you don't need self-defense classes. Unless of course, you just wanna take us average folk on ;)

And to that, I say "bring it on."

Oh and the next question she asks is, "So..how high can you kick?"


Until then.

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