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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Armlocks and thoughts..

Last Monday's class, we focused on how to escape (standing) armlocks.  I remember doing this back in the day (student grade 1-3) and I just STRUGGLED with this stuff. I never understood it and no matter what my instructor would say as to how to perform the escape, I felt my body constantly struggling between using too much muscle/too tense and getting locked up. It was incredibly frustrating! 

And, by the end of that night, I thought I got it. So, what did I do the next day? I went to show off this cool move to my friends. I asked them to put me into an armlock. And...I got locked up!

The escape from the arm lock is a combination of sensitivity with proper body and mobility conditioning.  As you can tell, these qualities don't come over night but over years of training (or months for the hardcore guys!). 

I just recall from last night the numerous faces of struggle and hidden frustration of just "not getting it." Well, to them I say, you won't get it...YET..but you will.  It comes with the continuous training, and much like EVERY OTHER technique in wing tsun, it's not how you do the move but that you simply do the move.   It's like trying to explain to someone how to walk versus just walking. 

"Gee..thanks for that advice." you say. 

Think of how hard it is for one to design a robot that can walk naturally smoothly, and then one that can walk up and down stairs. In this day and age, with all of our technological advances, this is still incredibly difficult to do. Telling the robot the knee should be here, the heel there, the hips this way, the arms there - all perfectly programed, yet it still can't do it.

This is exactly what wing tsun is like. Even something as "simple" as a punch or even the basic induction stance...you can't be told what to do. You just do it. 

How? Eventually in all those failures of not getting it, you just go through the motions and do your best to incorporate the advice of your instructor and then you mistakenly taste the feeling of doing the move right. Once you feel it, you know what to feel for - you know what to do. And when you know, you can do it.

As they say, knowing is half the battle.

Until then.

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