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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MMA in Vancity!

Last week, Vancouver had a vote to determine if an MMA event could be held in Vancouver. So was it turned down? Was it allowed?

Guess what? They didn't vote on it. They said it's up to the Provincial government. 

Way to avoid the issues! 

This is not why we elect the Vancouver council. Geez. Do they think that MMA is some brutal "kumite-like" underground fight scene? These guys should take a moment to see how MMA has evolved over the years from a no holds barred knuckle fight (totally cool, IMO) to an elite martial art sport that has become the trend in recent years. 

It's a sport and, with it, comes safety. Vancouver should allow it, and regulate it - not pass it up to the Provincial governement. These guys totally chickened out. They'd rather vote in a Wal-mart than an MMA event. 


Next option - make the MMA event an underground fight scene. And guess what follows? people getting injured, no regulations and everyone breaking the rules. 

So silly. 

Until then. 

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