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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Not sure if some of you are aware of this guy, but Mr. Carlos Lee has created a name for himself. Well, actually I don't know about that I have to say his site has given me some very good chuckles. You have to take a look at this - this guy teaches wing chun, jeet kuen do, taekwondo, thai boxing, shaolin and - I think this has got to be my favourite - self defense (so is he saying that his thai boxing, taekwondo, shaolin kung fu is no good for self-defense???)

It's the equivalent of a restaurant that offers wonton noodle soup, tacos, gelato, steak and raw oysters (yea, like I would eat there). Hey, I'm not saying he doesn't have skill or whatnot, but the marketing is dreadful and typical of many schools out there. Let this be a lesson, when someone markets themselves as master in more than one martial art, you better run the other way.

Take a look at his video clips too. Apparently, he's had some challenge matches. Ok, i'm sorry, these are not challenge matches. These are chi-sao drills. Not the same thing, dude. As a "free-fight" school, it should be pretty clear that chi-sao is not fighting. I would love to see an MMA guy walk in to "roll" with the instructor, after all, it is a free fight school - so why not show some free fighting not some horrible display of boxing or kick boxing (might as well join a decent kick boxing school!)

Let's make it clear that I'm not saying I'm better than him...just some interesting observations.

Anyway, there's my rant.

Until then.

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