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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Simulation Fighting

In karate, karateka believed that point sparring or full contact sparring was the next best thing to a real fight.

In kick boxing, a boxing match is the next best thing to a real fight.

In MMA, apparently it's the ultimate replica of a realistic fight. In fact, the statistic that 99% of all fights end up on the ground or clinch originated from the grappling arts and MMA popularity.

Sorry folks, but the truth is that in all instances, none can replicate the real conditions of a fight.

Sure, they may argue that some are closer than others to a real fight scenario. But why not make it as realistic as possible? You know, kind of like how the army trains - in a dessert scenario, with guns, tactical drills, desert like conditions, injured soldeirs, crowded buildings, along corridors, etc etc. You don't see them practicing in a cement box within an open area.

So why don't we extend this type of realism to fighting? Have a simulated bar scenario, or an empty parking lot, or a crowd of people? With cement, grass, glass, sand, tables or whatever that is reflective of the simulated environment we're trying to capture? They should hold MMA competitions in there. That would make most sense wouldn't it?

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