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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Come

I've been keeping up with my blog since its inception, regularly and with discipline. Come spring/summer, be ready for some video clips to complement my blogs and possibly, some workout routines to get the blood going and to add some flare to your current wing tsun regimen. I would welcome any suggestions you may have.

One thing I've found incredibly difficult is to express wing chun with words that will distinguish it from other arts. I mean, phrases like "yield to a greater force" or "use your opponents strength" are said in every other art, but IN MY OPINION, not applied as such. And those of you reading now already don't believe me. Well, let's hope video can better demonstrate.

Otherwise I'll just forward you my address and I will show you myself.*

Until then.

*Disclaimer: will only happen if you're an attractive single female.

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