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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ip Man: A Closer Look

NetFlix has been introduced into Canada, albeit a very weak selection of movies. Well, I had some free time one day and thought i'd give it a shot since they're offering a free month trial. One of the movies was Ip Man in HD.

The service worked great, but more importantly, it gave me an opportunity to watch this movie again and this time with closer scrutiny that the first time.

It is an awesome movie and probably the best wing chun movie I've seen (have yet to see Ip Man 2). The action and choreography is superb - and shows off the power that can be had from wing chun training.

But, unfortunately, I was sooo disappointed of the historical inaccuracies in the movie. Let's a run through a few of them now.

  • Ip Man actually fought against 32 karate guys, not 10. They toned it down as to not embarrass karate practitioners
  • In real life, Ip Man never really liked sweet potatoes.
  • The real Ip Man actually used a bong sao in the third frame of the fifth fight scene against the right punch, not a tan sao.
  • His wife was Chinese, but his mistress was a blonde.

Too many historical inaccuracies if you ask me. But I still managed to enjoy the movie.

Until then.

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