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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Knives

In the WT lineage (that i'm aware of), it seems that the double butterfly knives forms and applications is the cream of the crop. It is the stuff that only the masters of masters get to learn (and who can afford it). As such, not many have been taught the butterfly knife form - at least this is my understanding and part of the WT curriculum.

I've only heard rumours of what the costs would amount to learn the form itself, plus cost of the private lessons, and accounting that the teacher will only teach you in bits and pieces, plus costs of attending seminars and so on...

Very few would get to learn, but I imagine that without it, you could still get pretty good at WT/wing chun. But do you think it's still worth learning?

Do you think that if you have the right foundation from the forms, chi-sao, wooden dummy, lat-sao, etc., that your body would know what it's "looking for" when you train with the knives and that you don't really need to be taught the form itself?

If the function can be determined before the form, doesn't it mean the form isn't needed?

Until then.


Waz said...

find a school that focuses on passing the skills to those who are ready and able to receive them, rather than one which focuses on students bank accounts... then train diligently and become worthy of that further instruction.

Anonymous said...

where can you find such school?

gary said...

or you could learn them,, then your point of view might change about what is fair to charge for them, haha

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