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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Saying Goes...

...that strength beats a 1000 techniques.

There is truth to this and it's probably one of our own enemies - our own strength. It's an innate survival tool - our body tenses, our jaws clench, our limbs stiffen up, we grab, we hold, we clench. The use of strength is a natural phenomenon in the battlefield, in mating, in surviving..

But when it comes to wing tsun training, it's also our weakness. Strength, whether it's our own or that from our opponent can be used against us. Either our own strength stiffens us, allowing us to be manipulated by the attacker or we let the strength of the attacker overcome us.

It's not easy to let go of our own strength, in addition, to using our opponents strength.

it just goes to show how difficult wing tsun application truly is. The stance, the angles, the structure - sure to get yourself out of harms way in a scrap may take only a year of training, but to fight with wing tsun will take several years of dedicated training. Not half ass, casual training that the majority of take part in (myself included).

Strength is the enemy...only at first. But it's also a good thing. Once you got the angles, the structure, the stance right, then strength can added. It's not something to shy away from.

Once you got the structure, the angles, the timing,and the strength - all you really need is a good step and punch. That's it.

Until then.

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