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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's All In The Forms

Here's a quick run down of the learning process of wing tsun kung fu and probably any other martial art. I would say much of this lost, and hence, why many believe forms training is useless. I do see where they are coming from, but I also think they only see part of the truth.

1) Learn the forms: this introduces the body mechanics, "contortioning", positioning and muscle memory

2) Understand the forms: Application, principles, ideas of the forms are introduced, explored and developed.

3) Let go of the forms: Release your body of the restrictions imposed by the body positions found in the forms, of the muscle memory developed in the forms

4) Immerse yourself in the forms: Much like immersing yourself in a hobby, in a concept, in a philosophy, in a movie, etc. where you can recite any line in a movie, play a song on your guitar on demand, explain to others what's so great about the latest cell phone technology - it's really about exposing yourself again and again to something, of which you know it inside and out. You want to do this with your forms training - do it so many times, so often, that you can "recite any verse of the form on demand"

Only then do you really "know" the forms and I think, at this point, it would be where real free forms sparring can be explored. Many don't have the patience for that and it's not like one has to do that to be a good fighter. But in the chinese kung fu world, it's the most effective path for full expression of real kung fu at the free fight scenario.

As you can tell, that narrows it down to quite a dedicated few. Are we that dedicated? are you? am I?

Until then.

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