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Monday, January 5, 2009

Search for Expression

In my last post I touched on the subject of translating your skills to the free-fighting scenario.  I want to bring more attention to this.  I want to know how you express your wing tsun. The question is:

 What does your WT look like when you’re actually using it?

 The answer will vary and it will depend on your training level.  I think when you’re a beginner (student levels 1-12), your WT will look like “text-book” WT – weight on the back leg, chain punches, standard tan sao, bong sao, etc.  But when you’re REALLY using it, it looks like crap and will probably resort to brawling.

 At an intermediate stage (technician level 1-3), your WT could also be “text book” WT. But hopefully a little lighter on the feet and a little bit more liberal in your delivery.  And when you’re REALLY using it, it looks like crap and is a messy mix of brawling with chain punches


At an expert stage (technician level 4 and greater) your WT could be “text-book” WT and it works. And when you’re REALLY using it, it could look like anything you want and it still works.

 Now of course, the designation of the grade is just to give us some idea. You can be at student level 10 and have amazing skills while a technician grade could be less than stellar.   This is not the point.

 The point is how are you expressing your WT when you intentionally want to use it?  The next question is, how do you train this? How is this developed? Now the reluctant answer is: You train your heart out in the drills, in chi-sao, in lat-sao, etc, so that your body is just so accustomed to the moves and conditioned that things “just work”.

 Why am I reluctant to say this? Simply because I suspect that this isn’t enough.  Maybe this is where faith kicks in. I mean, it worked for the development of knee pressure, of chain punches….


But will it work when it comes down to actually fighting? The skeptics say no and the proponents say yes. Both are biased, so both are unreliable. I guess it’s up to me.

 I’m continuing the search for my own WT functional expression. What does my WT look like? It’s yet to be determined. I can tell you that both text book WT and “brawling” WT is not my thing. Neither feels natural at all, the former being too restrictive and the latter too risky.

 It’s like finding an engagement ring. You know what you’re looking for, but can’t describe it. But once you see it, you just know.  Same goes with WT -I know what I’m looking for, but I don’t know what steps to take to find it. Anyone able to help?  

 Until then.

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