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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shadow Boxing

Ever tried shadow boxing? Doesn't sound so "wing chun" does it? But I have to say it's a very good drill. Extrememly good. Especially since it's very unlikely that we incorporate it into the regular class curriculum. So why even consider it?

1) Cardiovascular - when done in rounds (eg. 30s rounds or 60s rounds for 5-10 rounds) it can be an intense cardiovascular workout.

2) Full power - you can practice launching your attacks at full power if you wanted to. There's no restrictions - you don't have to worry about hurting your partner since there isn't one.

3) Creativity - you can unleash your creative side as there is no restrictions to the type of attacks you want to throw. You don't have to just throw chain punches or fak saos, you can do whatever you want to.

4) Movement - you'll move in a way you've never moved before. You'll discover ways to unleash powers that may seem very "unwing chun" like but delivered in a "wing chun" way. You'll discover what your body has to do in order to allow you to move like that...and learn the restrictions that you may have been inflicted on yourself during training.

Of course, i'm not asking that you forget about wing tsun or what you have learned. I'm asking you to take the idea of shadow boxing and incorporate into your knowledge of wing tsun. It's a tool for you to expand your horizon beyond the chain punch, tan sao, bong sao...or just a way for you to move from one move to the next as smooth, fast and as hard as you can for several rounds. It's exhausting..and the next day, incredibly painful .

Try it.

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