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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Interdependent RElations

The WingTsun kung fu curriculum can be compared to as that of an ecosystem - each building block affects the other building blocks, which ultimately determines where your kung fu progress will be. 

If your stance training is not good, it will affect chi-sao, forms training, etc. If your chi sao is good, but your forms training is not, again your kung fu will be limited. 

Much like other chinese kung fu systems, the entire curriculum is made up of different stages that precede free fighting.  This means, forms training, then basics training, then stance training, then partner exercises, then chi sao, then more chi-sao, then drills, then back to forms...it's a long ways away. 

What this means is that you can't skip out on one and expect brilliant results. All the training is connected and dependent on each other. This is what makes kung fu and wing tsun so damn difficult to learn and takes so long to apply. Which also explains why so many can't use it to fight and instead, just stick to forms competition or resort to some psudo-kickboxing.

Sure, one can be a good fighter without all the pieces, but just not a skilled practitioner of a kung fu system, like wing tsun/chun/etc. 

It's imperative to realize that the end product is not about just chi-sao or just about wooden dummy, or collecting all the latest and coolest clips, books, magazines and tricks. It's about doing everything.

Simple enough, eh?

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