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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Respect the Basics

Unlike the conventional training methods of wing chun, WT takes pride in teaching its lessons by providing different scenarios to the student. Sometimes its defending yourself against a drunk asailant, others its just a variation of a particular chi sao section. With such variety, it's easy to see that many of the basic fundamentals are lost or, to say the least, not focussed on.

Take for example, the front kick or the forward step. Can you perform these with accuracy? How about with precision? Is it robust-can you apply it under various situations? In other words, there needs to be some kind of quality control in the basic foundations in which bong sao or fak sao rely on.

Yes, this type of training is tedious and just plain boring. But you're fooling yourselves in thinking that this isn't needed. I mean, ya it MIGHT work without knowing all the basics...but just imagine what you could produce if you "mastered" the basics.

Kung fu is not for everyone. This is why, back in the day, there was much involved and testing in the selection of a student (stand in horse stance, learn just a few stances or moves)- it is an "interview" process conducted by the teacher to select the student with the right character to handle the "boring" stuff.

Just cuz its boring doesn't make it less important.

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