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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Kick is Just a Kick

I think it was in the Tao of Jeet Kune Do that I read a statement to the effect of: “A kick is just a kick” then as you progress “A kick is not just a kick” and then as you master the art, “A kick is just a kick”.
I had no idea what that meant..or at least, pretended that I understood. Here’s my current understanding now that WT has given me a new perspective:
Beginner: A kick is just a kick. A punch is just a punch.
Well it’s as simple as that. At the beginner stage you learn what a punch or kick is, how to throw one and that it’s purpose is to hit an intended target.
Intermediate: A kick is not just a kick. A punch is not just a punch.
At this stage, you realize that your kick can be other options instead of just kicking. It could become a really long step, it could be “jammed” and converted into a knee strike, it could be “diverted” and have to react as a defensive maneuver. Same with the punch – the punch could turn into a tan sao, or diverted into a fak sao, depending on the type of contact it receives as the punch is delivered.
Master (although I’m not saying I’m a master, just the proper word escapes me at the moment): A kick is just a kick. A punch is just a punch.
As the student progresses from an intermediate level to a more expert level, he realizes that regardless of all the options a punch can turn into (bong sao, fak sao, lap sao, etc) or a kick can turn into (bong gerk, yap gerk, knee, foot stomp, ankle strike, etc), he still wants to be able to hit the opponent. Ideally, with his initial intended attack (hence a punch or a kick) as this maximizes efficiency while minimizes time/energy loss and extraneous variables.  
So we come full circle. Very yin/yang wouldn’t you say? How Chinese kung fu is that?? Good sign in my opinion.
Until then.

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